Problem with implementation of varying rate of utilization


I’m a student of Professor Pierre Malgrange. In his course, he asked us to reproduce the simulation results of one article. I chose the Greenwood, Herkowitz and Krusell one (EER, 2000).

I firstly wrote a program without including the varying rate of utilization of equipment, program labelled semDG and joined to this message. Thie program runs perfectly.
However, when I implement a varying rate of utilization, dynare does not work anymore (program called semh)
I asked Professor Malgrange who advided me to write on the dynare forum in order to get answer.
I join both files

Yours sincerely
Nicolas Debarsy
semh.mod (2.32 KB)
semDG.mod (3.13 KB)

Have you had a look at this?

It’s in the Examples section of the forum, which contain files written by J. Fernandez-Villaverde. *

NB: * new url

Hello, thanks for the answer.
I’ve looked at this example since my programs are based on it.

However, he also wrote a program with varying rate of utilization but it does not fit the goal I want to reach.