Problem with Dynare and Ocatve in MacOS Big Sur

Hello everyone,
I have installed Dynare and octave (using home-brew) but when I try running a mod file octave unexpectedly shuts down. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Depressed masters student :frowning:

Which version of Dynare did you try to install? Which Octave version are you using? How exactly did you install Dynare via Homebrew.

Hi prof,
I followed the instructions on Quick Start | Dynare
I uninstalled and re-installed homebrew and repeated the process and was successful. I am now using octave 6.3 and Dynare 4.6.4, however I am unable to install the struct, optim and control packages (io and statistics packages are installed). Will that have any effect on how Dynare and octave work? So far I have been able to run mod files with no issues.
Thank you.

Missing the optim package means some optimizers will not work. Missing the control package implies that you are missing some Lyapunov-solvers. But in most practical applications, you will not notice this.

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