Problem with Dynare 4

Dear dynare users,
Trying to run a model with a dynare 4, I encountered this following problem:
??? Undefined function or method ‘dynare’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.
At the same time, I can runs the model in dynare 3

clearly there is a problem with your installation of Dynare. Did you check that the program is correctly installed and that the installation path has been added to the Matlab paths?

i think Dynare 4 does not need to add the toolbox in “set path in matlab”; i have only to run the setup
i recall my model works with dynare 3 which is added in "set path in matlab"

You can’t have both Dynare 3 and Dynare 4 in the path at the same time.

Anyway, your problem is clearly caused by a problem with your Dynare installation; reinstall it and double check that your MATLAB path is clean and contain the “matlab” subdirectory of your Dynare 4 installation (and not any other Dynare directory).

Many thanks for your help
it is ok now