Problem reading data file

I’m trying to estimate a simple New Keynesian model but get this error message when I try to run the file:

??? Error using ==> cell.strmatch
Requires character array or cell array of strings as inputs.

Error in ==> read_variables at 35
iv = strmatch(var_names_01(dyn_i_01,raw(1,‘exact’);

Error in ==> dynare_estimation at 170
rawdata = read_variables(options_.datafile,options_.varobs,],options_.xls_sheet,options_.xls_range);

Error in ==> flexw at 129

Error in ==> dynare at 49
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

MichelJuillard wrote:
I need to see the *.mod file to be able to diagnose the problem.



Dear Juillard, thanks a lot for your reply.
I am attaching a better version of both the datafile and the *.mod file.
My best regards

basic_model.mod (2.92 KB)
basicDATA.xls (16 KB)