Problem in solving a model DSGE with different parameters

Hi everyone
I need to solve a DSGE model in 4 cases where the parameters ( κ_Z, ı_Z ,τ_Z )take the values (0,0,0), (1,0,0), (0,-1,0), and (0,0,-1)
My first question is, can I run these four conditions in one model, of course, I used to run the first model ?(separately for (0,0,0) mode and the second model for (1,0,0) and…)
My second question is that after running these 4 conditions, I use the following function for evaluation:

In the V1 function, the values of C1, m1 and L1 are the values obtained from the model in the (0,0,0) mode, and in the V2 function, the values of these variables are the values obtained from the model in the (1,0,0) mode. My question is how to introduce these values for these variables?
Thank you in advance for your guidance

You can use macro-switches. would be an example.