Problem conditional forecast

Dear all, the conditional forecast command crashes when I use a parameter_set different from “calibration” I have this error

Error using +
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in imcforecast (line 150)
constant(j,:slight_smile: = constant(j,:)+trend_addition(obs_iter,:);

Error in mod7 (line 704)
imcforecast(constrained_paths_, constrained_vars_, options_cond_fcst_);

Error in dynare (line 223)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

The other question is, how can I put a constrained path for my foreign interest rate similar to the fed fund future?

This might be a bug. I would need to see the file.

mod7_BB.mod (5.8 KB)
newparaguay.xlsx (19.4 KB)
mod7_B_mode.mat (9.7 KB)

Here I send the files, it very strange, because now works, but the forecast of the model doesn´t have any sense, the only thing that I need its that the forecast inflation deviations from the trend to be zero, I use the monetary shocks, but I am very frustrated because I try almost everything.

The model its very simple, it´s the laxton IMF model for two economies, one open economy and the other a closed economy (that in my file are USA).

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P.D: for another strange reason a can´t upload my excel file so I put on m-file to show you the data.

What do I need to run and where can I see the problem? You can also now upload Excel data files.

Now I upload the excel file, you only have to run the mod file,

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Now I get the graphs, but what is the problem you have?

The problem is that conditional forecast doesn´t make sense, for example, that path of the forecast for the interest rate (RS), conditional_forecast_RS.pdf (3.3 KB)

I am not familiar with your model. So why does this picture not make sense?