Prior_analysis command

Hi everyone

I was playing around with the prior_analysis command but did not get any output. Is it functioning properly? Does anyone know?



Hi John,

This function computes theoretical prior moments of the endogenous variables (2nd order moments, variance decomposition and conditional variance decomposition). The output is stored in the global structure oo_ (under the field PriorTheoreticalMoments).


Hi Stephane

I still not get any field PriorTheoreticalMoments in oo_ when I call this command. I am using
prior_analysis(moments_varendo)—plus a list of endogenous variables—without any other options. I am not sure whether we need any other option called (e.g. the xls datafile?) or call the estimation command for this to work. Any ideas?



I share the problem/question with the previous poster:
If I write prior_analysis(moments_varendo)
I get the output: “??? Input argument “M_” is undefined.”

Looking at the code for prior_analysis.m and it’s subroutines my impression is that this code is outdated and not compatible with with the way options etc are stored in Dynare v 4 (unneccesary arguments seemed to be passed around incorrectly).



You’re right, the prior_analysis command is currently broken in Dynare 4.1.0. We are going to fix this in Dynare 4.1.1.

Thanks for your report