Please help estimation of Christiano, Motto, and Rostagn's DSGE model using real data

Dear All,
I am modifying Christiano, Motto, and Rostagn’s’s DSGE model using real data. I add observable variables and measurement equations to the calibrated DSGE model, and I find I have difficulty in running it. The data that I used is Zha Tao’s Chinese data.
Please help me by giving me some suggestions!
The first PDF attachment is original calibrated model, the second mod file is my modified one, the last one is the mat data file that I used.
Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from (4.6 KB) (5.7 KB) datadsge.mat (9.2 KB)

What is the problem you are experiencing. Also, why does your output series have a trend?

do you modeling china dsge.