Passing an output vector in another .mod file?


My experiment is as follows: I simulate a deterministic preference shock in a model. I obtain a data series, say Natural level of Output.Now, I want to pass this in another .mod file to simulate deterministic shocks in the second model.
I know how to pass parameters using set_param_value. But since this allows me to pass only one value, I am unsure as to how one can pass a vector into the .mod file.


Hi there,

Whenever I try to use the new endogenous prior option I get some problems with the positive definiteness of the the hessian matrix. I am using the mode_compute = 6 option. Any idea of why this happens ? If I remove this option I manage to go ahead with the estimation. I´m curious because I would like to see by how much the endogenous prior option changes my results, if any.