Parameter variation causes a disappearence of IRFs


I’m simulating a standard dsge model. It runs properly and there are no problems.

But I have to compare the results if some parameters are fluctuating. I set the parameter close to the extrem values they could be.
For example a parameter measuring the speed of an adjustment process [0 no adjustment; 1 permanent adjustment].
If I run the model with values close to 0 or 1 I receive only a steady state and no Impulse responce functions. Why?

I would need to see the code.

Here a the files.
For GAMMAE=1 and GAMMAS =1, there no irf plotted. The same for RHOD, RHOE, RHOS =1.
initmod_steadystate.m (5.48 KB)
initmod.mod (12.3 KB)

With noprint, you suppress all error message. With most of your parameter combinations, the Blanchard-Kahn conditions are not satisfied.