Parallel computing

Hi everybody,
I’m a newbe in dynare and I’ve problem in running parallel computation (only locally).
OS Win8, Dynare 4.3.3, Matlab 2011a and 2013b.

PsTools in “C:\Windows” (PsExec already run; dynare.ini in “C:\Users\MyLaptop\AppData\Roaming” and in C:\Users\MyLaptop\AppData" (the first because MATLAB requires so, the second because of the manual).

The text in the dynare.ini is :

Name = local
Members = n1

Name = n1
ComputerName = localhost
CPUnbr = 2

If I try to run one of the examples with parallel options dynare RBC_Est parallel parallel_test I get this message back (by the way, after some warning messages of conflicting function for “ilu” “ordeig” “bsxfun”):

[code]Configuring Dynare …
[mex] Generalized QZ.
[mex] Sylvester equation solution.
[mex] Kronecker products.
[mex] Sparse kronecker products.
[mex] Local state space iteration (second order).
[mex] Bytecode evaluation.
[mex] k-order perturbation solver.
[mex] k-order solution simulation.
[mex] Quasi Monte-Carlo sequence (Sobol).
[mex] Markov Switching SBVAR.

Starting Dynare (version 4.3.3).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
ERROR (in config file): Options should be formatted as ‘option = value’.

Do you know where the problem is? Furthermore, the CPU is an i7 dual core dual threading: can I set 4 CPUs?

Thank you,