Ordertwo wiki - SGU (2007)

The mod file for Optimal, Simple, and Implementable Monetary and Fiscal Rules,Schmitt-Grohé and Uribe (2007) cannot be downloadable from the ordertwo wiki.

In the wiki : dynare.org/DynareWiki/OrderTwo, there supposed to be “model_sgu07_welf.mod”, which cannot be read nor downloadable.

I have seen a previous post, in which jpfeifer mentioned that it should be downloadable then. Am I the only one who is having an access problem?

I am attaching the file here, but I stress that I have not verified it and did not check its correctness. Moreover, the file is quite old and does not conform to best Dynare practices. So proceed with caution.
model_sgu07_welf.mod (7.39 KB)

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thanks for sharing it.