Optimal Simple Rule problem

Dear experts,

I have the following question regarding command osr in dynare.

  1. I am curious whether dynare can be used with the model with no forward looking variables? I mean, only backward looking and present period, cos I get an error saying
    Error using osr1 (line 38)
    Backward or static model: no point in using OSR

  2. Where does osr store optimal parameter that it gets from the computation?

Thank you very much for all suggestions in advance!!

  1. The whole point of using policy rules is the commitment versus discretion problem introduced by forward-looking agents. If everything is backward-looking, what is the point of a rule? If you still want to use the osr-command, you can try to fool Dynare by using a dummy equation like
  1. In the most recent version (4.4.2) in oo_.osr