Oo_.steady_state fails to contains actual steady state

Hey There,

This may be desired functionality or something that you may want to fix at some point (either in the code or manual)?

So, according to the manual of v. 4.5.7 oo_.steady_state contains the computed steady state. I don’t think this is true when an analytical steady state is provided using, say, the steady_state_model; block. The attached MWE demonstrates this (MWE.mod (373 Bytes)). Here oo_.steady_state contains three zeros, while the actual value of the steady state [1,1,1.0101] ends up in oo_.dr.ys.

Once steady; is invoked in the .mod file, however, everything will work as expected, and, in that case, oo_.steady_state will have the expected contents even in the presence of a steady_state_model; block…

Anyway, this slightly unexpected functionality was causing a bigger block of code I wrote to malfunction, so highlighting in case anyone else runs into similar issues.

Thanks and I hope this helps.

Dear Pawel,

True, oo_.steady_state is filled if the steady state is explicitely computed (with the steady command). If another command compute the steady state (stoch_simul, estimation, …) the current steady state is stored in oo_.dr.ys (after the estimation command this field will contain the steady state associated to the last evaluation of the likelihood, so it is not clear which are the parameters associated to this steady state). I need to check the reference manual, maybe we can improve this part.


Thanks Stéphane - much appreciated!

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