On Numbers of Endogenous Variables

Dear Michel and all,

I have a basic question.
I try to simulate macroeconomic model by Dynare.
But I have the following error message.

syntax error at line 42
!–error 241
File GEM3_ff.sci does not exist or read access denied
at line 18 of exec file called by :

line 20 of function dynare called by :
dynare GEM3.mod

I guess the reason is the size of my model.
(It has 50 endogenous variables.)
Is ther any limit of numbers of endogenous bariables?
Or is there any othe reason?

Dear Koji,

you can have a few hundreds endogenous variables. It looks like there is a parsing error in your *.mod file and that GEM_ff.sci was never written.

It is possible that the Scilab version of Dynare doesn’t display parsing errors properly. Or there is a significant error message with a line number before the one that you are reporting.

You can try outside of Scilab to do

DYNARE_PATH\scilab\dynare_s.exe GEM.mod

to see the error message.
where DYNARE_PATH must be replaced by the path to the directory where you installed Dynare. Use / instead of \ if you are under Linux.