Old MH files

Dear all

I have created several hundred mh files using version 3. Is there any way of using these files with version 4.0.4? It seems that Dynare reads the history file (which was not produced in version 3) and runs a new (or adds to) simulation follwing the information in it. When I tried to copy the existing files in the metropolis subdir the simulation ignored those files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi John, The short answer is that mh files generated by dynare v3 are incompatible with dynare v4. In principle it should be possible to write a matlab code in order to translate the old mh files into new ones and to write a mh_history file… But this may take more time than generating hundreds of mh files (dynare v4 is faster than dynare v3 :wink:).


Hi Stephane

Thanks anyway. I thought it would be time consuming and indeed v4 is so much faster anyway.