Not enough input arguments for simult_

Though this error seems to have been asked about many times I could not find an answer that applies to my situation. My .mod file runs cleanly through the estimation of a DSGE model and a bunch of graphs. But when it comes time to doing some counter factual simulations using this code:

%–Run simulations–

I get:

Not enough input arguments.

Error in simult_ (line 37)
iter = size(ex_,1);

The syntax seems fine and I have checked all of the inputs which also seem to be fine. I’ve also tried running it from an empty folder.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Which Dynare version are you using? In Dynare 4.6 the syntax for simult_ has changed to remove global variables.

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Thank you!

This is almost certainly the problem as I am indeed now using 4.6.1 but I wrote this code some time ago on an older version. I have now consulted the 4.6.1 guide but can see only reference to sumul, so it appears that the command itself has changed and the variables are now listed outside the brackets holding the options?



All running smoothly now, thank you.