Not able to produce results, URGENT

Hello everyone, this is the error that is being shown while trying to print results,:

Without the mod-file it is impossible to tell what is going on.

code.pdf (66.2 KB)

You submitted a PDF.
Could you submit the .mod file?

NK_TR_ZLB.mod (1.4 KB)

R=max(phi_pi*pi,-log(1/beta)); // Taylor Rule with ZLB

The equation above is problematic.

You should use OccBin to implement the ZLB.
See the manual of the latest instable version of Dynare.

Hi ,

I don’t quite understand, can you please explain a little more?

In a stochastic context you are not allowed to use the max operator.
But you can implement the ZLB with the OccBin Toolkit which is already part of Dynare 4.7-Beta.
Have a look at the original paper and Dynare’s manual.

Also note that your mod-file lacks one equation for the variable G.

Thank you Max , it worked