Normal distribution function in the closed-form

If I have one equation which includes normal distribution and other equations are still the same such as


y = a(k^alpha)(l^(1-alpha))
c = y-i
B =P*(1-normdist(x,mean_j,stdev_j,true)… ( <----a rough example)

suppose j includes some endogenous variables, such as, y.
Can dynare deal with the normal distribution equation,
or how should I do to alter a proper codes to fit it in dynare.

Thank you.


For the PDF of the normal distribution, you need to write it explicitely by hand.

For the CDF, you have a primitive in Dynare 4, which has the form “normcdf(x,mean,sigma)”. Note that “normcdf(x)” is an alias for “normcdf(x,0,1)”.