News shock doesn't work, not negative shock

Dear all, I am trying to use a news shock, following the example already set in several posts, but for some strange reason the negative shock in the fourth quarter does not appear.

shadow_open_news.mod (14.9 KB)

This is the first time it has happened to me, but I don’t understand why using simul I can’t make the shock negative. Neither can I get the anticipated shock to be really anticipated, it seems that the model does not react in advance to anything.

In any case, the model is not mine, it comes from this work, "Fiscal Adjustments and the Shadow Economy in an Emerging Market, Alejandro C. Garcia-Cintado and Carlos Usabiaga) (Macroeconomic Dynamics).

What exactly is your problem? From what I can see, everything works as expected. Technology does not move. There is some movement during the anticipation and a “big disappointment” when the shock does not happen.