New user trouble running example files

Dear all

I am a new user. I want to see if my students can use this.
I am getting this error message when running example1.mod

at the command prompt >> i write

dynare example1

or also

dynare example1.mod

and get

Error in ==> C:\dynare\dyn_mat_v3_065\dynare_v3\matlab\dynare.m
On line 12 ==> pathfile = mfilename(‘fullpath’);

you can see the path above. there are no spaces. i have read some of the forum chats and cant seem to find this exact error message

i have matlab 5.3 on my laptop.

Thanks in advance

Joao Ejarque

This is a problem related on using Dynare on Maltab version < 6.51

Look in the FAQ and on the forum for solutions to this problem