Negative Steady State in GK13

I’ve been adapting Gertler&Karadi 2013 (QE 1 vs 2 vs 3), but discovered that the steady state values of the model I got from the macro modelbase are negative, i.e. Yss, Lss, Kss, Css etc are all negative.
The model runs, and my adaptions also generate the expected results.
Still, to calibrate a new parameter, I wanted to look at the impact on steady state net worth over GDP (so Yss). This yields strange results of course, as Yss is negative.
Does anyone have a clue?
NK_GK13_rep.mod (28 KB)

If you look closely, you will see that these are not the steady state of the levels, but of the log-levels. The logarithm of a positive number smaller than 1 are negative.

Dear jpfeifer,
I had overlooked that indeed!
Thanks for your help, that’ll fix the issue for me.