Multiple IRFs on one graph using dynareOBC

Hi everybody,
I have a problem to combine three IRFs in 1 graph when using dynareOBC.
I have a matlab function to combine the IRFs when running the common dynare code, but I cannot apply it to the situation involved with dynareOBC.
This is because I have no idea where the dataset of irfs are stored in “DynareOBCTemp2_results.mat” (the mat file that stores the results when using DynareOBC) and there is no oo.irfs (IRFs are stored in oo.irfs using the common dynare) in it.

Could anyone familiar with dynareOBC help me?
Thanks a lot!

@cfp is the person to ask.

They are stored in oo_.irfs at the end of a run just as with normal Dynare. No MAT file is saved automatically (as far as I can remember), but the variables are all there in the workspace. Additional IRFs (e.g. without bounds, or with MLVs) are stored within the DynareOBC_ structure.

Additionally, as with any MATLAB plot, it’s trivial to get the data from the plot handle. Just explore the handle structure.