Multiple endval


I have developed an overlapping generations model for which I use Dynare to calibrate and simulate policy effects. For instance, I change a policy variable and look at the effects on growth. I have reasons to believe that the effect of one of my variables (let me call it A) on growth is not lineair but parabolic. In other words, I think small changes in this variable will positively affect growth but too large changes will not further increase growth and even have a negative effect on it. It is obvious that I could let Dynare calculate the steady state effects with different endvals (A=1, A=1.1, A=1.2…, A=5), but this is time-consuming. Is there a quick way to let Dynare calculate the steady-state outcomes for a range of endvals (e.g. A=[1,5]) at once?


Hi, You can use a loop in the mod file with the macro language described here. Best, Stéphane.