Model_comparion help

Hello Jpfeifer,

I am trying to compare two models that I have estimated and after using the command model_comparison model1 model2;

I get the following error " Not enough input arguments"

I thought it may have been because dynare wants me to specify a prior over the models but even when I do so I get the same error. The only thread somewhat related to this that I found was this one:

Am I to understand that I can obtain the posterior odds ratio as follows = posterior probability of model A/ posterior probability of model B?

Many Thanks!

What exactly did you do after estimating the models? Which command did you use?

Hello jpfeifer,

I estimated each model ( model1.mod and model2.mod) using the estimation command, and then in the command window I typed the following:

model_comparison model1 model2;

It gave me the error

model_comparison : The user supplied prior distribution over models is improper…
model_comparison: The distribution is automatically rescaled!
Error using model_comparison (line 50)
Not enough input arguments.

Many Thanks,

In that command window that won’t work. Try putting just this line into a mod-file and then run Dynare on it.