Minor issue with strjoin in /missing in Dynare 4.4.3

Hi! I was just running a program that relies on Dynare 4.4.3 and running into an unexpected error. It turns out that Dynare’s backup version of strjoin, which was mistakenly in my path, was incorrectly pasting “\n” rather than a newline when ‘\n’ was set as the delimiter for strjoin, as in

FileText = strjoin( FileLines { ‘stoch_simul(’ LogLinearString ‘order=1,irf=0,periods=0,nocorr,nofunctions,nomoments,nograph,nodisplay,noprint);’ ] } ], ‘\n’ );

Resulted in

Var a b c d;\nvarexo


Just thought I should point this out for the benefit of future versions.

Thanks for pointing this out. We will fix it for future versions.