Mh_jscale for each parameter


I would like to ask how the mh_scale parameters for each one of the structural parameter are fixed in Dynare, and how it is possible to set them manually.


it is in the dynare manual, on how to set them for each parameter.
if i remember correctly, the individual jscale is set after setting the priors on the parameter and follows after a couple of commas. it is quite easy.

great…thank you so much…sorry for not having checked by my own in the manual…


which is the default value for the single mh_scale parameters? Is it 0.2 as the general one?


i think the general mh jscale value is the default for the ‘single’ jscales for all parameters. i think mh jscale goes to a diagonal matrix that weights the inverse of the hessian to decide the step size of the mcmc iterations.