MCMC Jumping Covariance - No matrix named 'jumping_covariance' could be found in jumping_covariance.mat

In order to improve estimation results, I am trying to use the estimation option “mcmc_jumping_covariance” while loading the previous hh (variance covariance matrix) as an input for the next estimation. But I am getting the following error:

Error using dynare_estimation_1 (line 405)
No matrix named ‘jumping_covariance’ could be found in jumping_covariance.mat

According to the Reference Manual, this option “tells Dynare which covariance to use for the proposal density of the MCMC sampler. FILENAME Loads an arbitrary user-specified covariance matrix from FILENAME.mat. (that’s where I want to load the previous matrix - hh).
The covariance matrix must be saved in a variable named jumping_covariance (I renamed hh as jumping_covariance), must be square, positive definite, and have the same dimension as the number of estimated parameters.”

Do you know where I am getting it wrong and how to effectively input the previous variance covariance matrix as the file for mcmc_jumping_covariance?
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Please upload the mat-file with your jumping_covariance matrix

Thank you very much, it worked now. I had the matrix renamed in the workspace but had not yet saved in the directory.

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