Maxit in Dynare++


I am using dynare++ version (based on dynare version 4.4.1).Is it possible to increase the iteration limit for the Non-linear solver for deterministic steady state?
For a same set of parameters, if I use dynare with larger maxit, the steady state is solved, but in dynare++ this error is raised - ’ Caught Dynare exception: nlsolve.cpp:71: Safer point not finite in GoldenSectionSearch::init_bracket’.


No, this is not possible, in particular because Dynare++ uses a different solver. Try providing the Dynare’s steady state results as initial values.

Thank you.
It works with Dynare’s steady state value. However, since I am using the results in an optimization, it is difficult to provide those results for each func evaluation.

In that case, you should try to compute the steady state analytically.