Matlab Distributed Computing Server

Dear All,

Do you support dynare on Matlab Distributed Computing Server (MDCS)? We have it installed on a RedHat Linux server accessible from a Windows XP workstation with Matlab 2009b. Done the standard steps: installed dynare on the server, added the library to the path, changed the working directory to where the .mod file is transferred by the MDCS. Dynare starts, creates the .m file but then runs into path problems (try to access the workstation where the code was sent from) or stucks running. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated!

Thank you: Peter

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No, currently we don’t support that toolbox.

There is an effort to parallelize Dynare, which is under development. For more details, see:

It is not yet finished, may not work, and may be subject to syntax/interface changes in the future. We hope to release it as a stable feature in Dynare 4.2.