Matlab 7.2

Hi, An error message is returned by Matlab 7.2 due to prog_static.m. In this function, the global structure M_ is not correctly declared. Checking this, it seems that it is in comment. In Matlab 7.2, all global variables must declared in all functions using them.
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quest1_static.m (29.5 KB)

This concerns version 4 and is very weird: hte heading of file is damaged, probably by the parser. Can you send me the corresponding *.mod file?



Thanks for your reply.
Here is the corresponding mod file. The same damage occurs with previous versions of Matlab.

quest1.mod (28.2 KB)

Thanks Daniel for quest1.mod file, but I can’t reproduce the problem. Which version of Dynare v4 are you using? When did you download it?

Could you try with the current snapshot for version 4?

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