Loop over shock values in deterministic simulation

Dear All,

I would like to simulate different shock scenarios with one model, i.e. the shock sequence set in “values” should be altered.

var eps_Bcb;
periods 1 2 3 4:41 42 43 44;
values 0 1.043477 1.9826062 2.0869539 1.0434769 0.104347 0; (Variant 1)
values 0 1.043477 1.9826062 2.0869539 0 0 0; (Variant 2)

My idea is to define the “values” of the deterministic simulation in an .m file and to call them in my model file. However, I am not sure how to deal with the sequence of values which would have to be called here. Can you help me with this problem? I am very thankful for any answer!

The easiest way is to change the entries of


and then loop over