Log data density is - Inf (mode_compute=6)

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to estimate a big DSGE model with mode_compute=6, and have persistently obtained this message of Log data density is -Inf. I have tried to narrow the prior distributions, to reduce the subset of priors, to filter all data (since some series are clearly trending), to work with only a subset of the data, to use lik_init=2 even though my model is stationary, but I still keep on having this message. The strangest thing is that the Laplace approximation finds a reasonably well defined mode, usually with a positive value. I wonder why the mode compute algorithm is getting lost. What’s going on? Thanks

Adding to the previous message, I also get the result of Log data density is -Inf with mode_compute=4. Can anybody tell me what’s going on? Thanks

I would need the mod- and data file for that.