Loading parameters into mod file

I am trying to make a loop to check the changes of steady state and impulse response as parameters change. So I made param.mat file from Matlab, and used load command. But it did not work. To be more specific, this attached mod file works fine when I include all parameters in the mod file, but when I use load command, Matlab reports the following error messages:

“numerical initial values incompatible with the following equations”

Can anyone help me to find out what’s wrong?
test_load.mod (3.4 KB)

Hi, you did not post the mat file. I don’t know what you wrote in this missing file but I guess it will not work. If you want to change the values of some of the parameters you can use a matlab loop around steady and/or stoch_simul commands (you will find examples on the forum). If you are not familiar with matlab coding you can give a try to the macro language described here on the wiki.

Also, I was not able to find the steady state with your calibration. The initial values declared in the initval block are probably too far from the steady state.

Best, Stéphane.