Loading parameters from a previous MH estimation

Hi to all,
I am working with a previously estimated model for which mh iterations have been performed.
I need to produce stochastic and deterministic simulations (with different shocks).
I understand that if I want to use stoch_simul with parameters at the mode of the posterior, what I have to do is to re-run estimation with mh_replic=0, eventually using options mode_compute=0 and mode_file={filename} to load the mode file from the estimation with mh iterations.
This simulation (if I understand correctly) would be using shocks variances as assigned in the .mod file to generate the IRFs.

However, I would like to run a deterministic simulation (possibily using the **mean **of the posterior), and in the case of the stochastic simulation I would like to employ the estimated variances of the shocks.
Any suggestions on how to do that?

Thanks in advance