Loading data from Excel file

Hello everyone

I have a problem to load data from excel
my excel file’s name is data.xlsx
in Dynare I use command as datafile=data in estimation block
then Dynare reports the error as

‘’> Error using load_xls_file_data (line 117)

load_xls_file_data: I am not able to read the dates!
Error in read_variables (line 92)
[freq,init,data,varlist] = load_xls_file_data(fullname,xls_sheet,xls_range);
Error in initialize_dataset (line 32)
rawdata = read_variables(datafile,varobs,,xls.sheet,xls.range);
Error in dynare_estimation_init (line 475)
dataset_ = initialize_dataset(options_.datafile,options_.varobs,options_.first_obs,options_.nobs,transformation,options_.prefilter,xls);
Error in dynare_estimation_1 (line 81)
[dataset_,xparam1, hh, M_, options_, oo_, estim_params_,bayestopt_] = dynare_estimation_init(var_list_, dname, , M_, options_, oo_, estim_params_,
Error in dynare_estimation (line 89)
Error in nkp (line 223)
Error in dynare (line 180)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ; ‘’

Does anyone help me?

I correct it already

Sorry for inconvenient

What was the problem? That you did not provide xls_range?

Thank for your reply Prof. @jpfeifer
I fix it
I have a strang thing that
Initial value of the log posterior (or likelihood): 217.3886
but then when I use mode_compute=9, then
value of the log posterior (or likelihood) significantly decreases upto over 1000
I have not seen this before, would you kindly have a look at my code below qa.zip (12.6 KB)

That per se is not unusual if the starting values for the parameters were far away from what the data indicates they should be. However, I am a bit puzzled by your model being loglinearized, but your data obviously not being mean 0. This indicates your observation equations are wrong. Please consult Pfeifer (2013): “A Guide to Specifying Observation Equations for the Estimation of DSGE Models

Dear Prof. @jpfeifer

Based on your note,

I demean my obs. variable, and have new measurement equation system
But when i run Dynare, the Initial value of the log posterior (or likelihood): 1255.0355
but then increases over time
Would you check my code? and give me some ideas about my problem? qaa.zip (13.0 KB)

With best regards

Please replace file as update.zip (16.7 KB)

Please do not cross-post. See my reply at The likelihood increases