Just no convergence or other error?

Dear all,
I have simulated a deterministic model in Dynare. The model gives a very close approximation of the steady state values I had computed by hand, but when the simulation starts Matlab produces the message you find below. I would just like to know whether this just means that the model does not converge or whether there is other information contained in this.
Many Thanks!

Here is the text from the command window which follows the steady state values:

1 - err = 0.97711
Time of iteration :0.828
2 - err = 5.9266
Time of iteration :0.734
3 - err = 397395310143842490000000000000000
Time of iteration :1.125
Warning: Matrix is close to singular or badly scaled.
Results may be inaccurate. RCOND = 3.357552e-105.

In sim1 at 65
In simul at 58
In modelsteady1 at 180
In dynare at 49"

This is followed by the following block:

"Warning: Matrix is singular to working precision.

In sim1 at 73
In simul at 58
In modelsteady1 at 180
In dynare at 49"

This block is infinetely repeated until I stop the process by ctrl c. Matlab then adds the following lines:
"Error in ==> sim1 at 74

Error in ==> simul at 58
sim1 ;

Error in ==> modelsteady1 at 180

Error in ==> dynare at 49
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;"

Dear Ansgar,

it only means that the dynamic simulation doesn’t converge. Try with a larger number of periods (more time to get back to steady state after the sock) and/or smaller shocks.

Kind regards