Issue with _steady_state.m file

Hello everybody! I encountered some problems, while doing dynare calibration.
My problem is that I have the correctly computed steady states values, which are in the separate file, but the calibration fails since it posts that there are residuals (so the main file does not see my s.s. values).
I will be glad if you give me advice or send your solutions to your models with separate steady state files and fsolves. trial1_steadystate.m (1.7 KB)
trial1.mod (1.2 KB)

You still had hardcoded values in there. Try
trial1_steadystate.m (1.6 KB)
trial1.mod (1.2 KB)
The still present residuals suggest a mismatch between the entered model and the steady state equations.

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Thank you! I found a mistake in the equations, but it did not solve the problem. However, the values of steady state are correct since the following file works (where I manually wrote the equations)
Can it be that problem is in the approximation of fsolve?
trial1_steadystate.m (1.3 KB)

It’s hard to tell. Why don’t you stick to the working version? It seems a lot more transparent.