Iris vs dynare

Hi everyone!
I’m just starting to use this magnificent toolbox, and need some help.
Does dynare have an analog of tseries object (like iris does) if so then how does it call? if not how you do without it?
Thanks in advance

See the section 6 of the Dynare manual for how to use time series in dynare (i.e. dseries)

A more mature version of dseries will be available in the 4.5 release.

Need a bit more help…)
I’m trying to plot dynSeries object but fail, the error somewhere in last string cause I can plot without identifying Xticks.
As I understood dynSeries contain and dynSeries.dates? but somehow I can get those ts.dates…((

am=oo_.irfs.YU_e_xpU';%double massive it's ok bm=dynDate('1999Q2'); ts=dynSeries(am,bm) plot( id=get(gca,'XTick'); set(gca,'XTickLabel',strings(ts.dates(id)));

Try using the unstable snapshot, as there have been many bug fixes/improvements in dseries.


I’ll try new version.
And what do you think about using dynare essentially for calculation and iris for “painting” resultes?
(cause there are some really usefull things like report and different kinds of plot for tseries… )

We have included time series (dseries) and reports in Dynare 4.4. More mature versions of them are available in the unstable snapshot, to be released in Dynare 4.5.

In the snapshot, you should can look at the manual to see what’s available in Dynare. You can also look at a document called dseriesReporting.pdf, which is a presentation of dseries and reporting in Dynare that was given at the Summer School this year.

After that, it’s up to you to see which one better serves your needs. If you have needs that are not supported by Dynare, you can request them here and we will determine whether or not we’ll add them (unless your institution supports Dynare, then we’ll add them).

Thanks alot!
I’ll do my best to find materials