IRFs to 1 unit shock

Is it possible to get dynare to compute IRFs to 1 unit shock? I could find options only for 1sd and relative IRFs based on 1sd shock.
Thank you,

Dear MArtin,
I was facing the same problem recently. Look at the file C:\Program Files\dynare\matlab\PosteriorIRF.m. In the version 4.0.3 you find the following code:

SS(M_.exo_names_orig_ord,M_.exo_names_orig_ord) = M_.Sigma_e+1e-14*eye(M_.exo_nbr); SS = transpose(chol(SS)); for i = 1:M_.exo_nbr if SS(i,i) > 1e-13 y=irf(dr,SS(M_.exo_names_orig_ord,i), options_.irf, options_.drop,options_.replic,options_.order); if options_.relative_irf y = 100*y/cs(i,i); end for j = 1:nvar if max(y(IndxVariables(j),:)) - min(y(IndxVariables(j),:)) > 1e-12 stock_irf_dsge(:,j,i,irun) = transpose(y(IndxVariables(j),:)); end end end

I think this is an error, there should be y = 100y/SS(i,i);* in order to make the relative shock work. This will give you shock IRF in mean of % of the original shock. Actually the interpretation depends on the measure unites of the shock and the observable variables. I did a lot of practical modification to the code of the function PosteriorIRF.m, if you wanna share some ideas, please email me or contact me on Skype (pakocica).