Invoking Dynare 4.0.4 with Octave 3.2.3 (vista basic famili)

Hi all,
I am a beginner with dynare (and octave).
I have a problem when I want to invoke dynare with octave.
Dynare (or octave?) doesn’t find the file “libgcc_tdm_dw2_1.dll”.
The error message:

When I click OK:

Could you please help me?




This is due to the fact that our Dynare 4.0.4 package is probably not binary compatible with Octave 3.2.3.

Try with an older version of Octave (3.2.2 or even in the 3.0 series if needed). Or alternatively recompile the MEX files with your Octave 3.2.3, following instructions on the wiki.

The next release of Dynare (4.1) will solve this issue.


thank you :slight_smile: