Invalid posterior mean

is an example

Thanks a lot for your quick response

hello dear professor, I used the sensitivity analysis and decided not to ask for estimating one of my parameters; mark up:mu.
but omitting this parameter made my mcmc charts not converging, and i can still see red dots in my mode check plots… . could you please tell me if there is any way of fixing it?
thanks in advancecopy_3_of_s22mcmc3.pdf (21.0 KB)
copy_3_of_s22 mcmc1.pdf (20.5 KB)
copy_3_of_s22 mcmc4.pdf (9.0 KB)
copy_3_of_s22 identification.pdf (3.6 KB)
Copy_3_of_s22.mod (2.9 KB)
copy_3_of_s22 priors and posteriors.pdf (55.1 KB)
I also put the code but it may not be needed… thanks a lot, i would appreciate if you could give me any advice

You did not provide any data-file.

amarQ6993.m (2.5 KB)
so sorry for that, here you are.

Your mode is right at the border of the stability region. You need to understand why this is the case. I do not have much intuition about your model, but the parameters/prior of the money supply rule seem strange.