Invalid Mex file of both earlier and latest Dynare on macOS

Hi professor, I was trying to install Dynare 5.0 with Matlab R2020 but came across the following error when run a mod file. It said Invalid Mex File. I then installed Dynare 5.1 and run a .mod file, the error still existed. Dynare 4.6.3 is being used in my computer. When I installed some earlier editions, like Dynare 4.4.3 and 4.4.2, the error still exists. I checked Mex file in each Dynare, the content seemed nothing different than that of the one I am using now(Dynare 4.6.3).When I switched to Dynare 4.6.3, it works fine as usual. Do you have any clue to solve this error? Any help would be appreciated.

I post the screen snap of the errors under Dynare 5.0 and Dynare 4.4.3 here for your reference.


Most probably, there is an incompatibility between your system and the Dynare version. The downloadable Mac-package for 5.1 supports

Compatible with macOS 12 “Monterey” (Intel x86-64 / Apple Silicon via Rosetta 2) and MATLAB (R2014a–R2022a).

Professor, thanks so much for your help. I’ ll work on it with your advice and let you know how it goes. However, there is still one thing that I’m confused a lot. ‘‘Monetary’’ was not released until 2021, while Dynare 4.4.3 was released right in 2014. How it happens that Dynare 4.4.3 could only be compatible with macOS 12 “Monterey”?

You are misunderstanding what I said. I referred to 5.1. Each Dynare package for Mac was designed to work with a macOS version running at that time. For 5.1 it is Monterey.
Of course 4.4.3. was not designed to work with Monterey. That’s why it typically will not work with newer macOS version unless you build it from source.