Introduction of the source

Most articles about DSGE are about linear models. I am beginner about nonlinear models. If you can introduce a convenient and comprehensive resource.

What exactly do you want to do?

I need an article or book to fully explain the nonlinear model.

Literally every textbook first introduces the nonlinear model. The linearization does only appear when you are trying to solve the model. You could for example look at

  1. McCandless, George T. (2008). The ABC of RBCs. Harvard University Press.
  2. Krüger, Dirk (2007). “Quantitative macroeconomics: an introduction”. Mimeo. University of Pennsylvania.
  3. Dejong, David N. and Chetan Dave (2011). Structural macroeconometrics. 2nd ed. Princeton, NJ:
    Princeton University Press.
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