Input to SVD must not contain NaN or Inf. Error

Hi all Dear
I have problem. help if anybody can solve it.
when i run my code, i receive following error:

Input to EIG must not contain NaN or Inf.

and when i use command : model_diagnostics(M_,options_,oo_)
i see :

??? Error using ==> svd
Input to SVD must not contain NaN or Inf.

my code in attachment.
please help if you can.
Best Regards

With the recent snapshot Dynare says

If you initialize rho_p_f the file runs. However, there is still an issue with the Blanchard Kahn conditions, most probably a timing issue.

Dear jpfeifer
Many thanks. when i initialized rho_p_f, this error eliminate. but Blanchard khan condition not verified. Guess which one has a problem?
whit best

The command model_diagnostics(M_,options_,oo_) does not work for me in the command window . Should I upgrade dynare version? thank you for your answer

What do you mean with “Does not work”. If the command says nothing, it could not detect any issues.

And yes, always use the most recent stable version.