Initial values using Fsolve


I am trying to enhance Gambacorta and Signoretti paper by adding a disturbance shock for the loan amount as well as an impatient household.
Although, i manage to replicate the original paper with the help from the authors and getting initial values using Fsolve, i cannot find the steady state with the new items i have added. Basically, the solver stops prematurely, so i am not sure whether it is because of the No of iteration or a model without a solution.

Can you help?

Attached is the file .m file used to find the solution.
DSGE_19.m (3.7 KB)

You need to provide the full files.

@jpfeifer, attached you may find both filesDSGE_Fsolve.mod (9.2 KB) DSGE_19.m (3.7 KB)

Your mod-file returns various preprocessing errors. Did you upload the most recent version?

@jpfeifer basically yes, but i thought that the issues had to only do with the steady state.
At any case, i made some amendments and can solve the model, but when changing some of the parameters in the monetary rule (i.e phi_AP, phi_B) the model cannot be solve. Do i need completely new initial values in order to solve it? Why is this DSGE_19_Shocks_2.mod (5.6 KB) happening?

Attached the model

and the fsolve functionfuncheck_2.m (3.1 KB)

Again I am getting an error

ERROR: DSGE_19_Shocks_2.mod: line 42, cols 1-6: syntax error, unexpected VAREX

because you forgot a semicolon.

Attached the correct file.DSGE_19_Shocks_2.mod (5.6 KB)

The attached file runs and computes a steady state, so where is the problem?

The issue is that if i change some of the parameters in the monetary rule (like phi_AP or phi_B) the model cannot be solve.