Initial estimated checks

Hello dears users and dynare’s expert.
I’m tryed run the model of open economy and calculate the steady state analitical, but have problems of initial values below:

Error using initial_estimation_checks (line 143)
initial_estimation_checks:: The forecast error variance in the multivariate Kalman filter became singular.
Error in initial_estimation_checks (line 143)
        error('initial_estimation_checks:: The forecast error variance in the multivariate Kalman filter
        became singular.')
Error in dynare_estimation_1 (line 165)
    oo_ =
    Error in dynare_estimation (line 105)
Error in Marcio2015 (line 1105)
Error in dynare (line 235)
evalin('base',fname) ; 

How to solve this?

openeconomy.mod (28.3 KB)

median.values00.xlsx (8.5 KB)

data_M.xlsx (14.9 KB)

Thanks for help!

Best regards, F.Luiz

Please search the forum on “stochastic singularity”. See for example Efficient quantity

Thanks a lot professor.

Dear users,

I did what the teacher suggested, but it happens that only works when in the observables I leave only Bstar and withdraw the others. What can I do for it all the variables of the database?

Best regards

Thanks a lot

You are loading a median_values00.txt you did not provide

I’m sorry, follow the file.

median.values00.xlsx (8.5 KB)

I am putting the file in excel, because the forum does not allow me to put the txt.

Please put everything in a zip-file

Ok, professor! (27.8 KB)