Inconcistency between mh_nblocks and options_.mh_nblck

Hi everyone,
When estimating a model, I set mh_nblocks=1. However, when I try to use load_mh_file later, I get for instance the error

Unable to read file ‘JP17_3/metropolis/JP17_3_mh1_blck2.mat’. No such file or directory.
Error in marginal_density (line 85)
load([ BaseName ‘_mh’ int2str(n) ‘_blck’ int2str(b) ‘.mat’],‘x2’,‘logpo2’);

When trying to find the reason why, I see that options_.mh_blck is still set to 2, which I guess is the default value. Is there any way to solve it without having to change dynare code-files from nblck=options_.mh_nblck to nblck=1? How is options_.mh_nblck set if not through mh_nblocks in the estimation line?
No rush to answer this as I managed to circumvent the error, but I just thought you should be aware of it.


Which Dynare version are you using? And what do I need to do to replicate the issue.

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m using Dynare 4.5.7. I’ve attached a mod.-and data-file.

JP07_1.mod (6.8 KB) UK_dat_ham.mat (15.0 KB)

(I was not able to upload all the files, so you’ll have to estimate the model first with mh_nblocks=1 and then try to use the load_mh_file afterwards)