Impulse-response rates

Hello everyone

I’m trying to put a percentage on ordinate axis of the graph of the FIR, and unfortunately took a long time on it and I still do not know what my mistake …

if someone could check it … I would be very grateful

I put in the .m file the following commands

ly_n = log(y_n);
ly_x = log(y_x);
lc = log©;
l_n = log(_n);
li = log(i);
lk = log(k);
lk_x = log(k_x);
lk_n = log(k_n);
lR = log®;
lImp = log(Imp);
lImpT = log(ImpT);
lDEF = log(DEF);
lr = log®;
lTRG = log(TRG);
lPIB = log(PIB);
lA = log(A);
lq = log(q);
octavo_log.m (8.47 KB)
octavo_log.mod (2.74 KB)

In this case, it is easiest to first set up the model in levels (without the exp). Make this run. When it runs, define a separate new variable e.g. log_y that stores the log of the level:

Then plot the IRFs for this variable.

In your current code, your model block has two end;.