Identification does not work in 4.2.1

Attempts to call the indentification routine in Dynare produce the following error message:

??? Error: File: dynare_identification.m Line: 759 Column: 11
Expression or statement is incorrect–possibly unbalanced (, {, or .

When I look at the code listed in the error I see the following,


This does not look like correct Malab code. Is this supposed to be


(just taking a wild guess based on a very quick look at earlier versions of the code, but without understanding the routine at all)?

The tilde operator has been introduced in Matlab 2009b, i.e. version 7.9. It is used to suppress unused function output. I will not run on earlier versions. Apparently, there is a check for the Matlab version missing.
A way to work around this problem is to do as you suggested and replace it with any new variable name that is not subsequently used.

Thank you very much for the reply. I will try your suggestion.

Now I have found a new problem (following my repair as suggested above to fix the lack of support in R2008b for ~,is] = etc.)
Here is the error message:

==== Identification analysis ====

Testing prior mean
??? Error using ==> feval
Error: File: Model_14F_cal_S_stationary_NUR_withL_id_params_derivs.m Line:
1950 Column: 221011
Nesting of {, , and ( cannot exceed a depth of 32.

Error in ==> getH at 34
df = feval([M_.fname,‘params_derivs’],yy0, oo.exo_steady_state’, …

Error in ==> getJJ at 39
[H, dA, dOm, dYss, gp] = getH(A, B, M_,oo_,kronflag,indx,indexo);

Error in ==> dynare_identification at 260
[JJ, H, gam, gp] = getJJ(A, B,

Error in ==> Model_14F_cal_S_stationary_NUR_withL_id at 397

Error in ==> dynare at 132
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Any ideas?
Thank you.


Can you post the MOD file which triggers this error, so that we can reproduce the problem and, hopefully, fix it?